How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you are reading this article, you are most likely pretty bummed out right now. Your boyfriend just decided to call it quits on your relationship, but you still want to be with him. This is not a situation any girl would choose to be in, but since you are here you will have to accept the situation and focus on what to do next.

First things first; take a few days to cry, get angry, feel betrayed, and let your emotions run their course. You will not be able to do what is necessary to get your guy back if you are overcome with emotion. Any actions you take while you are still grieving heavily will likely do more harm than good, so it is important to be patient here.

Play to Your Strengths

Once you have taken some time to process your emotions and clear your head, it is time to start formulating a plan. Before you start taking action there is one important thing you must understand. Relationships are prone to shifts in power, and whoever holds the power at a given moment has much more control over where the relationship will go.

As you are probably well aware of, your ex boyfriend took back all the power in the relationship when he ended things with you. This is unfortunate, but it does not mean you should hang your head in defeat. What you have to do is get the power back in your hands. The question that is burning a hole in your mind is likely “How do I do that?”

Your Move

If you decide to lie around the house listening to mournful music and feeling sorry for yourself, the power will stay where it is now with your ex. If you want to pull the power back into your corner, you have to show your ex that you are a strong, confident woman; and that you do not need him in your life.

I am not talking about playing games or pretending here. Faking it will not work. You have to pull your collar up and take back ownership of your life and your happiness. I am not going to tell you this will be easy. It will most likely be very difficult, but you can do it if you dig deep and stay the course.

Projecting Confidence

What you have to do is project the strength, confidence, and self assurance that attracted your boyfriend to you in the first place. Show him that you are still that girl, and will be that girl with or without him. Do not sit around waiting for him to call. Go out with friends and enjoy yourself. Remind yourself that there is a whole world out there, and that your ex is just one tiny part of it.

Cast the Bait

If your ex sees you getting on with your life and having fun, the power in the relationship will begin to shift in your direction. Keep this up, and let him come to you before you initiate contact. If you play your cards right you will not have to do much to get him back on the hook. It will happen all by itself.

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